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saladLEWISTON’S FINEST SALAD BAR: One trip with dinner size plate, 7.45 (for carry out or delivery add 50 cents)


  • HONEY BBQ BITES: chicken breast, BBQ breading, baked, two dipping sauces (a favorite), 6.50
  • SHRIMPCARGO: large shrimp, mushroom caps, garlic butter, bacon, sour cream, tomato, 9.95
  • BBQ BITES AND WINGS COMBO: a half order of each served with the dipping sauces, 7.50
  • STUFFED MUSHROOM CAPS: crab and cheese stuffed mushrooms in rich garlic butter, 7.50
  • ANTONIO’S OWN ARTICHOKE DIP: a very rich hot dip served with garlic crostini toast, 6.50
  • BRUSCHETTA TOAST: toasted garlic bread topped with bruschetta and melted cheese, 6.50
  • GARLIC BREAD: our fresh baked Italian bread, toasted with cheese, 6.50 or half order for 3.50
  • GARLIC PARMESAN BREAD STICKS: with melted cheese, 6.95 or half order for 3.50
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  • HOT VEGETABLE PLATE: Fresh steamed vegetables and melted cheese on a bed of rice (extra time may be required), 9.95
  • TEMPURA VEGETABLES: A bowl of deep fried seasonal vegetables in a crisp Japanese style batter, 9.95
  • FRESH SPINACH SALAD: Topped with bacon, cashews, almonds, mushrooms, cheese, boiled egg, croutons, with Hot Poppy Seed Dressing, 9.95
  • STEAK AND SPAGHETTI: Antonio’s red sauced spaghetti smothered sirloin steak strips with parmesan cheese, 11.95 with a bread stick
  • SIRLOIN STEAK: A petite size char-broiled US Choice Sirloin cooked to your specifications with smashed red skin potatoes, 11.95 with bread stick
  • LEMON PEPPER SWAI: A sweet mild fillet of fish served with a slightly tomato sauced trottole pasta, 8.95 with a bread stick
  • BITE SIZE STEAK: Our best small portion of sirloin chunks cooked our way with smashed red skin potatoes, 11.95 with a bread stick
  • SOUP SALAD SPECIAL: Cup of our daily soup and one-trip through our famous salad bar, 9.95
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  • TIVOLI: A boneless chicken breast served in a fettuccine pasta that is tossed with a Swiss cheese creamy sauce then baked, 13.95
  • THAI: Linguine pasta and boneless chicken breast slices sauteed with a SPICY cashew pepper ginger sauce, 13.95
  • GREEK: A browned butter spaghetti sauté8ed with feta and myzithra cheeses and fresh vegetables, 13.95
  • PEPPERONI BAKE: Trottole pasta baked with sweet Italian sausage portions, pepperoni, olives and mushrooms in a creamy red sauce, topped with smoky mozzarella cheese, 13.95
  • GARLIC CHICKEN: This boneless chicken breast is sautéed with linguine pasta in a garlic Hollandaise sauce, 13.95
  • CHICKEN MOZZARELLA PASTA: Boneless chicken breast slices tossed in a penne pasta creamy red tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, 13.95
  • THE BELLATONI BAKE: A spinning top pasta (trottole) baked with meatballs and Italian sausage in a creamy red cheese sauce, 13.95
  • MACARONI AND CHEESE: Italian version of the traditional mac and cheese with four cheeses, 12.95
  • SICILIAN: Spaghetti tossed with pepperoni, salami, bacon, tomato, onion and garlic with a red garlic spaghetti sauce, 13.95
  • CHICKEN PICCATA: A boneless fattened chicken breast sautéed with a butter lemon caper sauce served with a side of Fettuccine Alfredo, 13.95
  • PARMIGIANA CHICKEN: A boneless fattened chicken breast browned with Italian bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese served with a side of Italian spaghetti, 13.95
  • CHICKEN KIEV: A boneless breaded chicken breast baked and stuffed with garlic butter and cheese. Topped with hollandaise sauce served with fettuccine alfredo pasta, 13.95
  • Add a trip though our salad bar for only $2.95 with your Italian specialty purchase
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  • SPAGHETTI: Baked with our in house made spaghetti sauce and our four cheese blend, 10.95
  • Or with your choice of: A whole baked boneless chicken breast, or with four of our Italian meatballs made fresh daily, or with our char-broiled sweet Italian sausage links, 13.95
  • FETTUCCINE ALFREDO: With our rich cream garlic Parmesan Alfredo sauce, 11.95 (Add a Boneless Chicken Breast for $2.00)
  • LASAGNA: Baked with a garlic cheesed marinara sauce, made with ground beef, sweet Italian sausage, salami, and four cheeses, 13.95
  • RAVIOLI: Pasta pillows stuffed with cheese, sausage and spinach then baked with a creamy marinara sauce, 13.95
  • TORTELLINE: This stuffed pasta is pesto sauced with mushrooms and tomato then baked with chicken breast portions and cheese, 13.95
  • MANICOTTI: Pasta tubes stuffed with spinach and cheese, sauced with a creamy red sauce then baked with Italian sausage chunks, 13.95
  • PENNE: Chicken breast slices baked in an Alfredo sauce with sundried tomato, mushrooms and artichoke hearts, 13.95
  • Add a trip though our salad bar for only $2.95 with your Italian pasta purchase
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  • ITALIAN FRIED STEAK: Italian seasoned bread crumbs tenderly pounded into a needled steak that is grilled to a medium doneness. The steak is then smothered in our bacon cream gravy made fresh in house.  Served with  loaded smashed red skin potatoes (loaded with butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon, and green onions) and a garlic parm bread stick, 13.95
  • BLACK ANGUS GROUND BEEF STEAK: a char-broiled 8oz certified Black Angus lean patty smothered with grilled Portabella mushrooms, onions, and bacon on a bed of rich Everglade brown sauce (only made at Antonio’s).  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 13.95
  • GORGONZOLA STEAK: a Coulotte steak (a strip cap steak cut from a sirloin) char-broiled to your specifications weighing pre-cooked at 8oz.  Topped with a balsamic glaze of fresh basil and Gorgonzola cheese (a strong Italian Bleu Cheese).  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 16.95
  • ITALIAN BITE-SIZED STEAK: our best sirloin steak cut in chunks then pan-fried country style after breading in Italian bread crumbs.  We serve this steak with au jus and country cream gravy for your dipping pleasure.  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 15.95
  • COULOTTE STEAK: an 8oz char-broiled strip steak.  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 15.95
  • PORTABELLA TOPPED SIRLOIN: this 8oz steak is char-broiled then smothered with grilled Portabella mushrooms, hickory smoked bacon chunks and caramelized sweet onions.  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 17.95
  • SCAMPI TOPPED STEAK: an 8oz char-broiled steak topped with eight scampi shrimp and a bleu cheese parmesan sauce spiced with Italian herbs.  Served with loaded smashed red skin potatoes and a garlic parm bread stick, 19.95
  • PASTITSIO ITALIANO: pastitsio (Italian for little bites).  Sirloin steak strips tossed in a rich browned butter sauced pasta sauté of spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and myzithra cheeses and a garlic parm bread stick, 14.95
  • STEAK STROGANOFF: char-broiled sirloin steak strips baked in a casserole of fettuccine, rich sour cream brown sauce, mushrooms, onions and garlic and a garlic parm bread stick, 14.95
  • Add a trip through our salad bar for only 2.95 with your steak purchase
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Atlantic Grilled Salmon

Atlantic Grilled Salmon

  • CAJUN JAMBALYA: a spicy sea-food stew of trottole pasta, shrimp, ham, sausage, onions, tomato, and all things cajun.  With a garlic parm bread stick, 12.95
  • ATLANTIC GRILLED SALMON: a filet grilled and then nested on a bed of spaghetti pasta lightly sauced with a sauce of tomato, garlic and onion. With a garlic parm bread stick, 15.95
  • CHAR-BROILED SALMON: the filet is char-broiled for a smoky favor then nested on a bed of sun-dried tomato, lemon butter trottole pasta. With a garlic parm bread stick, 15.95
  • SHRIMP SCAMPI: these eight garlic favored shrimp are tossed in a rich Alfredo sauced fettuccine pasta made, of course, from scratch in our kitchen. With a garlic parm bread stick, 14.95
  • MYZITHRA SHRIMP: eight shrimp tossed with a SPICY hot pepper peanut sauced trottole pasta and myzithra cheese (a grated hard cheese from Greece). With a garlic parm bread stick, 14.95
  • SWAI FILET: a light white fish filet smothered with a crab topping, served with a creamy tomato and cheese topped red cream sauced trottole pasta. With a garlic parm bread stick, 14.95
  • Add a trip through our salad bar for only 2.95 with your seafood purchase
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  • BAKED TURKEY AND BACON WITH SWISS: Our slow roasted turkey breast and hickory smoked bacon, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and ranch dressing sauce, 9.50
  • BAKED MEATBALL: Homemade from scratch Italian meatballs covered with an Italian tomato sauce and melted cheese, 9.50
  • EXTRAORDINAIRE BURGER: One-half pound choice beef smothered with Portabella mushrooms, grilled onions, cheese and hickory smoked bacon open faced knife and fork burger, 9.50
  • BAKED ITALIAN SAUSAGE: A grilled and baked sweet Italian sausage topped with our marinara sauce, cheese, red and green pepper and onion, 9.50
  • PHILLY CHEESE STEAK: Grilled steak, swiss and american cheese, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, au jus, 9.50
  • A CLASSIC REUBEN: Fresh baked grilled Jewish rye bread piled high with our corned beef that has been slow cooked all night, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Authentic Russian dressing!, 9.50
  • FRANKLY GERMAN: Grilled German sausage, served open faced, smothered with fried cabbage, onions and rich country cream gravy, 9.50
  • GRILLED PASTRAMI: Nicely browned wheat bread stufed with pastrami, melted provolone and Swiss cheeses, grilled onions, brown mustard and horseradish sauce, 9.50
  • JOE’S WICH: Grilled ham, cheese and bacon with tomato and lettuce, 9.50
  • THE BLT: Bacon, lettuce, tomato, the original as you liked it, 9.50

All Served with fresh baked french fries. Our most popular sandwiches on a large roll baked here each morning.


  • CLUB WRAP: Ham, turkey, bacon, American and Provolone cheese, lettuce on a tomato basil tortilla 9.50
  • VEGGIE WRAP: Feta cheese, tomato, pepperoncini, cucumber, onion, Romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, and Italian salad dressing in a tomato basil tortilla 9.50
  • THAI WRAP: Chicken breast, scallions, ginger, cashews, carrots and red peppers in a spicy peanut sauce wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla 9.50


  • HAM & CHEESE: A hot ham and melted cheddar cheese with sweet hot mustard and sesame seeds, 9.50
  • COMBO: Thin sliced chicken breast, honey ham, pulled pork, dill pickles, Dijon mustard, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and Italian dressing, 9.50
  • BAR BQ PULLED PORK: Jack Daniel BBQ sauced tender pulled pork slow cooked for 12 hours, 9.50
Bite Size Burgers

Bite Size Burgers


We bake our own mini buns, served with grilled onions and pickles 2.50 each
Add cheese 25¢ per burger
Add bacon 50¢ per burger
Fries $2.00
Substitute pulled pork for hamburger add 25¢

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Caramel Crepe

Caramel Crepe


  • CARAMEL BREAD PUDDING: Old fashioned comfort food made by our dessert chef, simply delicious, 2.95
  • GIANT BROWNIE: In house fresh baked with ice cream and chocolate sauce 2.95
  • ICE CREAM: 1.95
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Glass $4.00 | Bottle $14.95
MERLOT (Mondavi) | CHARDONAY (Mondavi) | CABERNET (Mondavi)


  • RAVENSWOOD CABERNET SAUVIGNON:: Sonoma, California, 5.00 Glass – Bottle 18.95
    Hints of cassis, oak spice, with black currant aromas. A well balanced wine with a flavorful elegant finish
  • TOASTED HEAD CHARDONNAY: Dunnigan Hills California
    Glass $6.00 | Bottle $24.50
    Aromas of ripe pineapple, peach, with accents of vanilla and butterscotch. The creamy finish lingers with hints of buttered toast and lemon zest
  • HOGUE GENESIS MERLOT: Columbia Valley, Washington
    Glass $6.00 | Bottle $24.50
    This spicy, juicy wine offers favors of wild blueberry and plum, with a cinnamon accent. Clean and supple, with a measure of acidity to balance the plush fruit
    Glass $5.00 | Bottle $18.95
    Delicate white fruit and apple aromas. The texture is crisp and vibrant, with a well balanced, clean, fresh finish
  • FETZER RIESLING: Mendocino Co., California
    Glass $5.00 | Bottle $18.95
    A floral wine that has favors of peaches, pineapple, and pear with a perfect sweet finish
  • VENDANGE BLUSH: Lodi California
    Glass $5.00 | Bottle $18.95
    Bright pink in color, a floral strawberry nose, with simple raspberry and jasmine flavors
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