John Sanders, a CPA, followed his mother into the restaurant business after her successful restaurant in Rose Lake, Idaho.  He started in the restaurant business in Troy, Idaho, converting the local café into a 7 course dining experience called  “The Lumberjack Café”.  This was followed by a café in downtown Troy called “Hoseapple’s Fancy Baking and Pizza Pie Company”.

In 1978, he opened a new Hoseapples in Moscow, Idaho named “P.W. Hoseapples”.  In 1979 “Biscuitroot Park” was opened in Moscow, followed shortly thereafter by “Rosa Garcia’s”, also in Moscow.  In 1980, he opened “Janni Annies” in Lewiston, Idaho.  In 1982 he opened “Cisco’s” in Phoenix, Arizona, followed shortly by “John’s Green Gables”, also in Phoenix. In 1983 he opened “Shelby’s” in Honolulu, and “Jonathan’s” in 1984 in Lewiston, Idaho.

“Antonio’s” was opened in 2004.  Using all their experience, the owners believe they have created a very unique, affordable and very comfortable dining experience for you, with a wide variety of dishes that may be found from fine dining establishments to down-home-cooking cafés.

John and Rose are almost always on site at Antonio’s, and they look forward to personally seeing you there.